Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Let us began with a definition of renew and what I mean when I speak of renewal. To renew is to be new; cause to rebuild; to renovate; intensely   reversal-individually; reform, regeneration and restoration.

The Scriptures and the Bible exhorts us to be new, renewed, reformed, regenerate and to be restored on an individual level as well as a Corporate Body. Paul takes these admonitions farther and explicitly tells us, “Be renewed in the spirit of your mind…which is to be restored back into the likeness of the Creator G-D as a Christ“. So how do we get there?

Until  we renew our thinking process and receive a ‘higher’ prophetic  mindset, one most often have limited their capacity to think ‘outside the box’.  I call it as the Bible refers to it--a ‘beastly’ and unregenerate mind. Our thinking process is either old-stagnated or it is new and restored. Our mindset is either that of  Christ-thought or that of antichrist-thought.

A stagnated mind-set limits ones ability and capacity to receive a renewed, fresh, and regenerated thought process. The inability to generate new and fresh Word with a New mindset ultimately renders one impure.  Therefore, they are unable to distinguish Truth and their mandate and purpose in life.

If there is ever a devil, this is it! An old, beastly mind-set on the things of old which tells one that they cannot be a Christ and a Heavenly Citizen, NOW!  It tells them that they cannot think as a Christ or to be restored into  Divine Union with G-D a gods or eloheem.

Thinking with a beastly mind is a mind that has not been renewed, and/or regenerated to think as a Christ (anointed one). One either thinks as a Christ or one thinks as antichrist. One is either a Kingdom Citizen or have given their power and authority to the Beast--666.

Ones mindset limits the work and revelation of the Spirit in ones life to that of becoming restored back into the Image of the Creator as I AM. Or just the opposite, deliver that of which will cause an ascension into one's divine inheritance. Take your pick! We have been given a choice? It is up to us to think wisely. 

The Beastly mind-set stays on that continual roller coaster of fighting ones own renewal of restoration contributing their failure to a devil (That old man of sin). The Bible says, be “renewed to a true knowledge according to the Image of the ONE who created…A renewal in which there is (a) Christ in all”.

The concept of a devil or satan is a concept conjured up by the religious leaders of old leading us to believe that only the Priest were the oracle of G-D who has the power to forgive sins.

However, the Creator  made a way through flesh as a Christman, Emmanual, whereby we can live a life free from past, present and future 'sins' to be restored back into that perfect Image and Likeness as gods. Catch the vision!

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